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"Fight Night: The Million Dollar Heist ," inspired by the acclaimed iHeart true-crime podcast, recounts the notorious tale of an armed robbery that occurred on the night of Muhammad Ali’s legendary 1970 comeback fight. This event not only altered one man's life but also helped transform Atlanta into the “Black Mecca.” The story centers on a hustler named Chicken Man (Kevin Hart), who hosts an extravagant afterparty to celebrate the fight, attended by some of the country’s wealthiest individuals. The night takes a dramatic turn, ending in the most audacious heist in Atlanta’s criminal history. Suspected of orchestrating the crime, Chicken Man is determined to clear his name. To do so, he must convince his old rival, J.D. Hudson (Don Cheadle), one of the first Black detectives in the city’s newly desegregated police force, who is charged with bringing the perpetrators to justice. Don Cheadle as "JD Hudson" Terrence Howard as "Cadillac Richie" Samuel L. J
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"Maurice P. Kerry Unplugged: A Deep Dive into His Role on Law & Order Organized Crime”

  Catch an exclusive glimpse with Maurice Kerry as he discusses his character, Bud Hightower, in  NBC's Law & Order Organized Crime , and shares his personal reflections and inspirations. Join us for an intimate conversation with Maurice Kerry, the face behind Bud Hightower in Law & Order Organized Crime, as he opens up about his role, inspirations, and the impact of his character on and off the screen. Ever wondered what fuels the passion and depth behind your favorite TV characters? Well, you're in luck because we're about to peel back the curtain—just a tad, mind you—to reveal the heart and soul of Maurice Kerry's portrayal of Bud Hightower in NBC's hit series, " Law & Order Organized Crime ." In an intimate, Oprah-esque sit-down, Maurice shares insights that shine a light on his character, his journey, and the art of storytelling through television. This isn't your average celebrity tell-all. Instead, we're getting personal, tappi

"Yandy Smith Unveils Yelle X Bloomingdale's: A Revolutionary Beauty Movement at Lenox Mall, Powered by ATLFW"

  This past weekend , Yelle Skincare debuted at Lenox Mall through a dynamic two-day showcase at Bloomingdale’s,  Presented  of the Atlanta Fashion Week.  Yandy Smith unveiled her latest venture—an all-natural, organic skincare line. Supported by an assembly of family, friends, and ardent supporters, the event was more than just a launch;  it was a celebration of beauty inclusivity and community spirit. Yandy engaged with her audience, sharing insights into her skincare range designed for men, women, and teenagers of all skin types.  The gathering wasn't merely about unveiling products; it became a platform for education, empowerment, and a shared vision for a future where beauty is recognized in its diverse forms. Yandy Smith speaking on  YELLE SKIN CARE LINE YELLE SKIN CARE

Discover the Canvas Beauty Body Glaze: A Viral Sensation Unveiled

The beauty world is buzzing over a revolutionary new product, the Canvas Beauty Body Glaze, famed for its transformative skin benefits. Have you heard about it on TikTok? If not, let's explore what makes this body glaze a game-changer in skincare. Unmatched Skin Benefits Infused with the goodness of Palm Fruit Oil and a plethora of antioxidants, the Canvas Beauty Body Glaze is not your ordinary moisturizer. It promises to leave your skin feeling luxuriously soft and youthful, sans the greasy after-effect. Here's what it delivers: Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Skin tightening for a youthful appearance. Prevention of sagging. Rich antioxidant protection. Fresh scent and odor control. Various delightful scents to choose from. For TikTok Newcomers and First-Time Buyers Haven't tried it yet? Now's your chance. The body glaze comes in a convenient 8oz size, perfect for a trial. Special Offer Alert! Dive into luxury skincare without breaking the bank. Grab your first

The Ms Pat Show-Get Free Tix Now for December

BET+ Original! A formerly incarcerated comedian, Ms. Pat tries to figure out how to survive suburban America with her husband, kids, and sister. Come see The Ms. Pat Show in person before anyone else! December dates available now! Minimum age to attend is 18. See The Ms Pat Show taping live in Atlanta! December dates available now! 12/7 ,  12/14 ,  12/21 Get tickets now! Click here to get tickets  👈🏾

Erica Banks Drops 'Real Rap B****

Last night, the vibrant atmosphere at 404 Restaurant set the stage for the much-anticipated album release of Texas's very own Erica Banks. Hosted by Ferrari Simmons, Mark your calendars for December 1st, as that's when her compelling album, "Real Rap B****," is slated to make its mark on the music scene. Currently navigating her journey as an independent artist, Erica is taking charge of every aspect of this project. The album's title, chosen with careful reflection, encapsulates the very essence of Erica . The lyrics are a dynamic blend, showcasing not only her impressive lyrical prowess but also offering a glimpse into her more sensual side. A collection of ten tracks, the album features exciting collaborations with the likes of Gloss Up and K. Carbon, artists with whom Erica has previously joined creative forces. The love and support poured in as members of Erica's love and hip-hop Atlanta circle showed up to make the night truly special. The turnout exce

"From Pain to Promise Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story."

  Tyler Perry's latest cinematic masterpiece, " Maxine’s Baby : The Tyler Perry Story." In this journey, Perry, the ultimate multihyphenate, peels back the layers of his life, inviting the audience into the vulnerable moments that shaped his extraordinary trajectory. Directed by Gelila Bekele and Armani Ortiz, the film transcends the typical biopic. It's not just a recounting of success; it's an exploration of resilience, a tribute to personal growth, and a love letter to the woman who inspired it all—Perry's mother, Maxine. From the glitz and glamour of the red carpet to the poignant revelations on-screen, " Maxine’s Baby " is a testament to Perry's ability to transform pain into promise. The directors, with nearly a decade of unfettered access, delve into the nuances of a man whose story has long deserved its moment in the spotlight. As the narrative unfolds, we witness Perry's evolution from a man confronting childhood trauma to a father a