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"Revamp Your Eating Habits and Satisfy Your Taste Buds with Meatless Monday - Join Jermaine Dupri and Embrace the Vegan Lifestyle Now!"

  Meatless Monday with Jermaine Dupri is the new buzz in town, and the Grammy-Award winning producer is bringing a lot more than just good music to the table. As a health and wellness advocate, JD is now curating an event that promotes healthier eating habits in the Metro-Atlanta area. The event was sponsored by JD Nyak Cognac & Everything Legendary All Vegan Menu. The weekly event, which kicks off on April 3rd from 5pm – 10pm at Clutch Restaurant , will feature vegan dishes from 5-star chefs, cookoffs, showcases, workshops, and speakers – all aimed to help Atlanta make healthier eating choices. With a growing vegan community in Atlanta and so many African Americans suffering from health problems in the South, JD aims to target both the vegan and non-vegan population with his initiative. As a vegan himself, Jermaine Dupri is not just the face of the Meatless Monday movement in Atlanta but also a firm believer in the benefits of a plant-based diet. The event’s menu boasts of ve