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Strange Love Premiere

  "A Night to Remember: Recap of the "Strange Love" Premiere The highly anticipated premiere of "Strange Love" arrived. With a star-studded cast including Executive Producer Kountry Wayne, Director Carl Anthony Payne, Star-Studded Cast Marquita Goings, Erica Pinkett, Rolanda Rochelle, Michael Anthony, and Ms. Juicy. "Strange Love" follows the story of Kountry Wayne as a young, attractive African American man who sees himself as the epitome of masculinity, until he is confronted by his wife Megan, played by Marquita Goings, who works as a phone sex operator. In an effort to save their marriage, they buy a luxurious home for $25,000. However, things take a bizarre turn when Megan discovers that her husband has fallen in love with a sensual ghost that lives in their new  Strange Love is a hilarious comedy that had the crowd laughing from beginning to end. Kountry Wayne and Marquita Goings had excellent chemistry on screen, and their performances were n