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"Celebrating 40 Years in Style: DTLR's Epic Fall Fashion Showcase: EXCEL"

  Celebrating 40 Years of Fashion Excellence: Last Sunday, June 11, DTLR , the renowned lifestyle retailer, made a resounding return with their highly anticipated 2023 Fall Fashion Showcase: EXCEL . After a hiatus of three years due to the global pandemic, this extraordinary fashion extravaganza paid homage to iconic brands like NIKE and JORDAN, while delivering breathtaking artist performances. So, let's delve into the fascinating details of this sensational event that left everyone in awe! Beyond the mesmerizing fashion show, DTLR had an additional reason to celebrate—they marked their remarkable 40th anniversary! Throughout the years, DTLR has left an indelible mark on the fashion industry, constantly pushing boundaries and achieving new heights. This year's theme, EXCEL, perfectly encapsulated their incredible journey. By emphasizing the letters "XL," DTLR symbolized their leap into a future brimming with greater accomplishments. Interestingly, "XL" al

DTLR Resurrects Fall Fashion Showcase after Three-Year Hiatus

  On Sunday, June 11 , lifestyle retailer  DTLR  is bringing back its highly anticipated fashion show to Atlanta with its  2023 Fall Fashion Showcase: EXCEL  after a three-year hiatus due to COVID-19. The larger than life show will honor brands like  NIKE  and  JORDAN , as well as artist performances.  In addition to its fashion show return, the retailer is also celebrating 40 years in the industry. DTLR has made its stamp on the fashion world and excelled through the years, which led to this year’s theme: EXCEL. The letters “XL” are emphasized not only because they are moving onto bigger and better things, but XL is also the Roman numeral for forty. Additionally, rubies are the appropriate 40th anniversary gemstone and perfectly coincide with DTLR company colors which have iconically represented them throughout the years.  During each scene of the show, the retailer will honor brands, such as  NIKE, JORDAN, NEW BALANCE ,  JAVI  and  GOORIN , and select trends that made an impact throu