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"Tip on the Harris Family's Legacy: Creating Their Own Path in the Music Industry"

                            At  ZONNIQUE's   listening party for " The Break Up , we were fortunate enough to ask Tip  questions about the importance of individuality and comparison.    Do you consider your family the next Jackson 5 ? Tip’s  response was respectful and thoughtful. He said that while the Jackson 5 were an incredible force in the music industry and made a huge impact on the world, he didn't want to compare his family to them. Tip emphasized that his family, the Harrises , are unique and special in their own way. He said, "We're the first Harrises, and we want to be known for who we are, not for being like anyone else."                   Tip  highlighted the unique identity of the  Harris family  and their desire to carve out their own anomalies path in the world. While he acknowledged the impact of the Jackson 5, he also emphasized the importance of individuality and staying true to oneself. His words were a powerful reminder that each person