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"Yandy Smith Unveils Yelle X Bloomingdale's: A Revolutionary Beauty Movement at Lenox Mall, Powered by ATLFW"

  This past weekend , Yelle Skincare debuted at Lenox Mall through a dynamic two-day showcase at Bloomingdale’s,  Presented  of the Atlanta Fashion Week.  Yandy Smith unveiled her latest venture—an all-natural, organic skincare line. Supported by an assembly of family, friends, and ardent supporters, the event was more than just a launch;  it was a celebration of beauty inclusivity and community spirit. Yandy engaged with her audience, sharing insights into her skincare range designed for men, women, and teenagers of all skin types.  The gathering wasn't merely about unveiling products; it became a platform for education, empowerment, and a shared vision for a future where beauty is recognized in its diverse forms. Yandy Smith speaking on  YELLE SKIN CARE LINE YELLE SKIN CARE