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Bounce & MGM Partner for New Original Comedy Series "Act Your Age" starring Kym Whitley and Tisha Campbell, with special guest star Yvette Nicole Brown

  The network, which is known for its originals, announced a partnership with MGM Television to produce a new show called "Act Your Age." The half-hour comedy "Act Your Age" tells the story of three successful women in their 50s who are living in the Washington DC and Northern Virginia areas. They are at a crossroads in their lives and decide that the best way forward is by being together. Tisha Campbell and Kim Whitley, who are known for their work on various television shows, including "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Young and Hungry," and "Uncoupled," will be joined by guest star Nicole Brown, who is from "The Mayor," "The Big Shot," and "Community." In "Act Your Age," Whitley plays the role of a successful real estate developer named Bernadette. Campbell plays Keisha, while Brown plays the role of Angela, who used to be the First Lady of Norfolk, Virginia. After her husband died, she is trying to red

Milano Di Rouge, Celebrated 10 Years with “The Dream Continues” Fashion Experience and Gala in Atlanta

This past weekend, luxury streetwear brand, Milano Di Rouge , celebrated its 10th anniversary with a Gala and Fashion Experience in Atlanta. The event, which was held at The Stave Room, was attended by hundreds of supporters. During the event, the company's team members and supporters were able to take a first-look at the latest collection. Upon entering the venue, guests were given boarding passes, which allowed them to take a trip into the world of dreamers. Their first stop was a private jet, which provided them with a first-class photo opportunity. They were also treated to a pop-up shop featuring some of the brand's top selling pieces, as well as drinks made by D'usse. VIPs were treated to an exclusive Sky Lounge, where they could connect with other entrepreneurs and enjoy a variety of crafted drinks. As the show started, flight attendants informed the guests that it was time to "board the plane." The event started with a powerful performance by renowned B


  Maverick City Music , a TRIBL recording artist, has been nominated for five Grammy Awards. The company earned multiple nominations in the categories of Contemporary Christian Music and Gospel. In 2022, Maverick City Music was named the Best Contemporary Christian Music album at the 64th annual Grammy Awards. The group performed during the ceremony, which was the first time in over two decades that a contemporary Christian group performed during a televised event. The Grammy Award nominations are a celebration of the collaborations between musicians and artists from different genres. According to Valcarcel, the company is honored to be a part of the event and continue pushing the limits of what can be achieved through music. In addition to the company's team members, the group also extends its gratitude to the residents and staff of the Everglades correctional facility and to Tribl Records and RCA Inspiration. The success of the Kingdom was different from what was expected of it.