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Strange Love Premiere


"A Night to Remember: Recap of the "Strange Love" Premiere

The highly anticipated premiere of "Strange Love" arrived. With a star-studded cast including Executive Producer Kountry Wayne, Director Carl Anthony Payne, Star-Studded Cast Marquita Goings, Erica Pinkett, Rolanda Rochelle, Michael Anthony, and Ms. Juicy.

"Strange Love" follows the story of Kountry Wayne as a young, attractive African American man who sees himself as the epitome of masculinity, until he is confronted by his wife Megan, played by Marquita Goings, who works as a phone sex operator. In an effort to save their marriage, they buy a luxurious home for $25,000. However, things take a bizarre turn when Megan discovers that her husband has fallen in love with a sensual ghost that lives in their new 

Strange Love is a hilarious comedy that had the crowd laughing from beginning to end. Kountry Wayne and Marquita Goings had excellent chemistry on screen, and their performances were nothing short of remarkable.

Each member of the cast brought their own unique flair to the film. The humor was smartly written and well-balanced with drama and romance, making it a true gem.

"Strange Love" is a must-see for fans of comedy, drama, and romance. With its star-studded cast, powerful message, and hilarious comedy, this film is sure to become a classic. Don't miss out on the chance to see what all the buzz is about available on Amazon Prime today!

The red carpet was filled with energy and the star-studded cast.

                                        Check OUT Strange Love Trailer

Be sure to check it out and see what all the fuss is about!


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