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KENDRA & JOC Celebrate HYPE HAIR MAGAZINE Cover Star-Studded Event

 On Wednesday, Kendra and Joc celebrated their cover feature in HYPE HAIR MAGAZINE with a star-studded, intimate event at Ventanas in Atlanta. The power couple, who have become a fixture in the Atlanta entertainment scene, were joined by friends, family, and industry peers to commemorate this momentous occasion.

The event was a visual spectacle, sponsored by Mielle Hair Care Products. Kendra and Joc arrived looking regal and elegant, with Kendra in a stunning gold gown and Joc in a dapper plaid suit. The two posed for photos and mingled with guests before unveiling their cover. One of the highlights of the event was a special performance from rapper Erica Banks, who took the stage to perform her hit song "Ain’t Got Time" The crowd was electrified by her performance.

Throughout the evening, guests were treated to delicious appetizers , and cocktails, all while mingling with some of the most influential people in Atlanta's entertainment industry. The event was attended by Rashada and Kurt Frost, Erica Mena, Lil Scrappy and more, the who's who of Atlanta's elite, including
influencers X, media personalities, and
industry executives.

The HYPE HAIR MAGAZINE cover feature is just the latest in a string of accomplishments for Kendra and Joc.Kendra, a real estate attorney, and which tooth Joc, host of syndicated Young Joc & Streets Money Take Over morning show, has made a name for himself in the music industry and is known for his business savvy.

Kendra’s and Joc's HYPE HAIR MAGAZINE cover celebration was a night to remember. The couple's star power was on full display. With their infectious personalities and undeniable chemistry, Kendra and Joc are poised for even more success in the future!


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